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Things you should know before you hire a web designer:

Image Get References Riverwest Life Web Design

If someone can't give you a straight answer then you should probably think twice about giving them your business. Ask for references and talk to those references before making a final decision.

Image Buyer Beware Riverwest Life Web Design

Don't jump at the first thing you see. Look around, do some reading, make sure you know what you're getting for your money before you hand over your hard earned cash. Do a web search for the product or service you're considering, dig up some reviews and find out what experiences people have had with the provider of that product or service.

Image Beware Free Design Riverwest Life Web Design

Beware web hosts that offer free web design. Some of them are fine, but some of them are not. A badly designed web site is difficult and time consuming to fix. It's better, and less expensive in the long run, to get it done correctly the first time.